on wind's way

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

“Awake, north wind, and come, south wind!

Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may

spread everywhere. Let my beloved come into

his garden and taste its choice fruits.”

Song of Songs 4 : 16

“I have come into my garden, my sister, my

bride;” Song of Songs 5 : 1

We should not wither away when the wind of

adversity blows on us. No doubt, we all have had winds of

adversity in our life. Circumstances are not always in our

favour. We have often had to face winds of adversity with

in our family. How much adversity have we confronted

since our childhood! How unexpectedly have

misfortunes, losses and disasters have befallen usdiseases

contracted, accidents occurred and dear ones

departed! We have come across rivalries, attacks and

misunderstandings posed by others. We have been

excruciatingly surrounded with crises and problems.

Each one of us has come across one or other of such

adversity. If we have to remain unruffled by the winds of

adversity, Jesus must be in our boat.

Don't you get flagged by winds of adversity?

For Jesus Christ is there on board your boat

O bride of the lamb, the trumpet is about to blow

O witnesses of Christ, the afflictions are about to


In the company of Jesus Christ I am at peace, I am at

rest. My mind will not weary, however hard the wind of

adversity blows. I will not be disheartened. The devotee

sings that Jesus Christ is his ultimate refuge and shade.

We have had adversities in life. Many of us are still facing


The North wind is blowing hard. The South Wind has

encircled me. I am not alarmed whether the north wind

blows hard or the south wind has turned violent. Whether

the north wind blows or the south wind buffets, only

fragrance will flow out of my garden, only peace will

emanate from there. Both north and south winds are

winds of adversity. But Shulamite says that she isn't


Blow upon my garden, so that its fragrance may waft

off my garden. However hard you blow, it will give off only

fragrance. From this garden of my life only goodness and

love can come out. It is the presence of Lord Jesus Christ

that is permeate in this garden. His sovereignty over it is

indisputable. Solely for this reason nothing but Christ's

essence can come out of it, however hard the wind blows

on it. Let crises arise, let your husband desert you, let your

parents hate you, let your children neglect you and

rubbish you; whatever be the adversities that you come

face to face, there will be only aroma that comes out of this

garden, because God reigns there.

My spouse, my sister, my dove, thou innocent one of

mine, I have come to my garden. My dear friend, who is

reading this word of God, Lord Jesus Christ has come to

his garden. He wants to view his creation. He has come to

see the tender plants that he has planted and is tending in

his garden. He has come to water them and root out the

parasitic weeds that filch their nutrients. Let the north wind

arise, let the south wind blow hard, but nothing daunted,

only spices flow out of his garden as my beloved has

come to it. It exudes only love, forgiveness, compassion,

forbearance, selflessness and humility.

Dear God's child, you come across illnesses,

setbacks, misfortunes and freak accidents. Dear ones

depart, you confront bereavement of dear husband,

beloved wife or darling children, which you haven't ever

bargained for. You incur heavy losses. There are so many

things to depress you in life, unbearable hostilities,

unsurmountable exigencies, deadly debacles. Fear,

anxiety and violence are the likely responses in such

circumstances. But while the beloved resides in the

garden, there can't be violence, but only tranquillity and

the aromatic breeze.

Which is this garden? It is each one of us. He has

been conserving these tender plants; tending, watering,

weeding, treating and protecting them from pests. Dear

ones, let our beloved Lord reign in the garden of our heart,

garden of our life.

“I have entered my garden, my treasure, my

bride! I gather myrrh with my spices and eat

honeycomb with my honey. I drink wine withmy milk. Oh, lover and beloved, eat and drink!

Yes, drink deeply of your love!”

Song of Songs 5 : 1

Once Jesus comes, there comes love and peace

and all good things. Once Jesus resides in the heart of a

man, there is peace in him. If Jesus resides in a family,

there is peace in that family. Where there is Christ, it is

heaven. When Christ comes in to a man's heart that heart

becomes heaven.

Christ enters to establish heaven in our heartsheavenly

love, heavenly purity, heavenly ease, and

heavenly peace. Christ enters to give us the serenity of


Consider whether the spice flows out of you. Due to

the purity of your character, due to the integrity of your

character, due to your humility, due to your composure,

due to your gentleness, due to your magnanimity, due to

the wonderful peace of the Holy Ghost that permeates

your heart, are you able to emit the fragrance in your

office, your establishment, your hostel room, your house?

Let us transmit the fragrance of Christ to others.

Where is the fragrance of the Holy Ghost available?

From the wounds of Christ. We get this fragrance from the

five wounds of Jesus Christ. Our forefathers who have

experienced this fragrance sang:

I scented the sweet smell of myrrh from your

wounds, O my Lord

Your lips are similar to silk threads.

I hurried to see them, but soldiers surrounded me

I dodged them and rushed on to Golgotha

Where I saw your side pierced and bleeding

Praise be to the Lord who redeems us by the


Halleluiah………. I shout.

Your lovely beauty and marvels enchant me

And I have no voice equal to singing thy praise,

O son of God.

What I received when I heard the message that

sprang from thy soft and exquisite lips was the aroma of

myrrh from your wounds. Your lips are soft and delicate as

silk threads. I got the scent of incense from the words that

streamed out of those delicate lips. I rushed to find out the

origin of this incense. Some people asked me, “Where are

you hurrying to?” “Didn't you get the scent of myrrh?”

asked the devotee.

'What fragrance? Don't bluff, isn't it a pigment of your

imagination? These are canards spread by ignorant and

senseless people. You shouldn't be gullible enough to run

after such foolishness. Why don't you think rationally?

Haven't you learnt enough science, physics and

chemistry, not to run after the so called scent of myrrh?

Are you not educated? Refrain from running after such

foolishness.' Thus saying, the soldiers tried to prevent the


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